Wie ben ik?

Lucy Kortram is a black Dutch; born in Paramaribo, the capital of Surinam.

She studied Sociology in Groningen (1970-1980) and worked at the same time. Kortram wrote and published poetry and wrote en directed plays on behalf of  the studentgroup AMBRA in Groningen. She performed the role of aunt Mavis in the Tvserie on national television: 'Kon hesi baka' (Please come back soon) and she was active in the field of Woman liberation.

Ever since her study Kortram performed several administrative functions in the politics, in the field of Womanemancipation, in a collective of poetry-writers etc. Ever since 1981 she is/was a member of several projectgroups, steering committees, think-tanks, advisory bodies, committees, board member etc.

Kortram still writes stories for childeren. With the book 'Heb jij vandaag al gelachen?' (Did you laughed today) (2009), she won one of the hundred prices for 'Best manuscript 2009'.